Contemporary Review
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Contemporary Review, a Trans-Disciplinary Journal, is published in one volume of two issues per year, appearing in Summer and Winter. The journal is published by the Academy of Spirituality and Professional Excellence, ASPEX.

Contemporary Review is a refereed academic journal that publishes research findings, viewpoints, technical and conceptual works, literature reviews, general reviews, and case studies from a multiplicity of disciplines.

All submissions are subject to a double blind review process. Manuscripts should be professionally proofread before submission. Submitted manuscripts should comply with the submission guidelines (APA 5 format).

Statement of Purpose

The board members of Contemporary Review are aware of the interdependency of all areas of specialization as well as their impact on the quality of life on earth. They are also cognizant of the fact that problems are often complex and multi-dimensional  and require the wisdom of many minds to arrive at sustainable solutions. As a result, they are mindful of the need for responsible, ethical, and wakeful approach in every activity in order to ensure enlightened quality of actions and greater wellbeing for all that exists.

These are times for greater awareness and sharpened mindfulness, regardless of our initial specializations. These are times to understand the mutuality in- and interconnectedness of all things.

These are trans-disciplinary times.
It is
because of the need for greater understanding in every area that CR focuses on the unification of output created by strong, positive, insightful minds.

The Academy for Spirituality and Professional Excellence, ASPEX


Contemporary Review, CR, invites scholars, student-scholars, coaches, thinkers, and practitioners to submit manuscripts for the second issue (CR Vol. 2, Iss. 1.)
Due to the trans-disciplinary focus of this journal, the reviewers represent a broad variety of disciples and are located in various continents of the globe.

Submissions will be judged on:

  • Content of the paper
  • Structure of the paper
  • Significance of the paper for its discipline
  • Originality of the message

Please email your submissions to:

Contemporary Review reserves the rights to amend, modify, add to, or delete its rules, policies, and procedures with regard to its institutional relationship with authors (contributors) as deemed necessary by the administration. Any such amendment, modification, addition, or deletion shall not be considered a violation of the relationship between CR and authors (contributors).
Each paper will first be reviewed, while the publication fee will be paid by the contributor upon acceptance of the paper.

Papers for the upcoming issue must be submitted prior to
June 15, 2010

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Representative of the Board of ASPEX and Chief Editor of Contemporary Review:
Dr. Joan Marques