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About ASPEX and its Publications

The Academy of Spirituality and Professional Excellence, ASPEX

ASPEX consists of a group of scholars and practitioners; members of the workforce - people from all walks of life:  all cultures, nationalities, religions, ages, capacities, and other settings, connected through the belief that we can enhance the quality of life for ourselves and others, one person at the time.

ASPEX members believe in the unity of things, and work in various fields to carry out our convictions.

ASPEXengages in activities that target to draw out a greater level of consciousness among members of the human cohort. With a great respect for diversity and an undying belief in human potential, we work on raising the awareness of interconnectedness with all being in as broad a way as we can.

The Academy for Spirituality and Professional Excellence,

Other ASPEX Publications

Journal of Global Business Issues, JGBI

Journal of Global Business Issues (JGBI), is a refereed academic journal that publishes scientific research findings in the business field.  The contents of this journal are widely available through inclusion in global scholarly databases such as ProQuest's ABI-Inform and EBSCO.
All submissions are subject to a double blind review process.
Manuscripts should be professionally proofread before submission.
Submitted manuscripts should comply with the submission guidelines (APA 5 format).

JGBI Purpose:
The JGBI serves as a vehicle for researchers and practitioners in the field of Business, and is geared toward enabling a process of sharing in all fields related to the business environment, in order to enhance the quality of business performance on a global scale.


The journal Interbeing is published semi-anually since 2007. The journal is peer reviewed and registered in Cabell's Registry of management opportunities. Interbeing serves as a vehicle for scholars and practitioners, who want to share their insights and findings on the attainment of personal and professional mastery.  The contents of this journal are widely available through inclusion in global scholarly databases such as ProQuest's ABI-Inform and EBSCO.

Through this journal we reach out to individuals from all types of backgrounds, ethnicities, preferences, convictions, capacities, locations, and ideological perspectives, to share their insights regarding the achievement of personal excellence and inner harmony.

We believe that personal excellence and self-knowledge are the pathways to greater bonding with others. One cannot genuinely and fearlessly connect with others without first connecting with one's own self.

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Representative of the Board of ASPEX and Chief Editor of Contemporary Review:
Dr. Joan Marques